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June 2017: Fantasy Brackets

This month is an exciting time for JAG Entertainment and Fantasy Brackets! The app has completed all stages of testing, and is working very well in its current version. If you haven’t tried it out recently, these are just some of the new features and events:

BYOB: Build Your Own Bracket

You can create your own Fantasy Brackets that you and your friends can vote on or you can create REAL brackets based on actual events such as baseball tournaments, basketball tournaments or other events and contests. No need for counting votes by hand, let Fantasy Brackets do the work for you!




Beerfest: June 9-10

We will be at Beerfest again this year! Come visit us at our booth for free prizes! Enter our Best Brewer Bracket for a chance to win $50 cash. Let’s figure out who the best brewer is together. Remember that YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

Beer Bracket Night at The Library Pub: June 21 6 p.m.

Come join us for a night of fun as we try to determine the best beer in the bar at the Library Pub in Omaha! We’ll be giving away prizes and tasting beers. What could be better than that? Bring your friends and challenge them to our Beer Bracket!




Check out our new brackets this month! We’re always adding new fun games in the Current category. What brackets would you like to see?

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