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June 2017: Fantasy Brackets

This month is an exciting time for JAG Entertainment and Fantasy Brackets! The app has completed all stages of testing, and is working very well in its current version. If you haven’t tried it out recently, these are just some of the new features and events:

BYOB: Build Your Own Bracket

You can create your own Fantasy Brackets that you and your friends can vote on or you can create REAL brackets based on actual events such as baseball tournaments, basketball tournaments or other events and contests. No need for counting votes by hand, let Fantasy Brackets do the work for you!




Beerfest: June 9-10

We will be at Beerfest again this year! Come visit us at our booth for free prizes! Enter our Best Brewer Bracket for a chance to win $50 cash. Let’s figure out who the best brewer is together. Remember that YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

Beer Bracket Night at The Library Pub: June 21 6 p.m.

Come join us for a night of fun as we try to determine the best beer in the bar at the Library Pub in Omaha! We’ll be giving away prizes and tasting beers. What could be better than that? Bring your friends and challenge them to our Beer Bracket!




Check out our new brackets this month! We’re always adding new fun games in the Current category. What brackets would you like to see?

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The September 13th update of Fantasy Brackets brings you an improved graphical interface with new, easy to read achievements and thumbnail photos on the brackets!

These exciting additions are free, and so is the app, so download it now and see if you can predict the pulse of the people. Fantasy Brackets… your vote counts!

We’re staring fb - 2new Daily Brackets this week along with some fun NFL Fantasy-themed brackets.

Make sure you turn on alerts so you know when games are starting and ending so you don’t miss out!

We’ll be posting winners on our website and giving out bonus BracketBucks for the champions.

Check out Miscellaneous Brackets:

Monday: Clinton’s Biggest Challenge

Tuesday: Trump’s Biggest Challenge

Wednesday: Best Film of the Summer

We’ve also got a Favorite Pokemon Bracket that will be open from Monday to Thursday! Challenge your friends, and let’s let the people decide!

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We had a terrific time at Yowie’s on Thursday playing brackets and giving away prizes! We made some new friends, and shared some great memories. We hope to see you next time! Watch our Facebook page for events in your area!


IMG_5058Good news! Fantasy Brackets just got better. All Live Bracket games are now in Single Submission mode, which means you, the player, don’t have to vote every round. Now you just vote once, and then in 30 minutes you get to see how you and your friends did on the bracket!

We also made some graphic tweaks and other changes as well. Get the latest update and challenge your friends to see who wins!

Use the leaderboard feature at the end of each game to see how you ranked compared to everyone else. After the game ends, just click “Leaderboard” and you will see how you scored compared to all the other participants in the bracket.

You can also click “View All” to see your results vs. the actual results and even see the votes for each item!

espnvoting - 1 (1)Take it for what it’s worth… Leff won the Smack-Off today on the Jim Rome show by making an in-studio appearance. Cheap? Brilliant? Let us know what you think!

We’ve got a Fantasy Bracket to see if the clones agree with Rome’s decision. Fill it out by Sunday 3 p.m. CDT.

See if you can get a perfect bracket and win a Fantasy Brackets t-shirt!

Download the app and make your vote count!






We’ve got live brackets up now to vote for your favorite ESPN personality and Jim Rome is doing his annual Smack-Off tomorrow, so we’ve got a bracket for that, too!

Get the app and help us decide! Remember, your vote counts!

Smack-Off voting ends Friday at 1:55 p.m. and the ESPN brackets are open until Friday, July 7 at 8 a.m.

See if you can get perfect brackets!





Alan is Ready for Business

Alan is Ready for Business

We had an amazing time at Beer Fest in Omaha this weekend! We made hundreds of new friends, and we gave away t-shirts, koozies and $50 cash!

People visiting our booth downloaded the app and tried to win a t-shirt by playing brackets. The “Best Nebraska Attraction” bracket was a fan favorite, but I don’t think anyone actually won. One lucky contestant won the “Worst Personality Trait” bracket, but I won’t give away her champion.

Our neighbors at Kona Brewing Company were awesomely cool, and how could we go wrong with Stone at our backs?

We held a contest for 64 of the breweries in our Best Brewer Bracket and offered $50 to the person who got the most right picks. Tom, a home brewer himself, was the skillful winner! Nice job, Tom!

The Final Four

The Final Four

The final four brewers were Infusion, Deschutes, Lucky Bucket and Boulevard, all stellar breweries and two local favorites!

With all the votes collected and brackets scored, Omaha’s very own Infusion Brewery ended up winning the whole thing! Congratulations to Infusion!

Omaha Beer Fest Best Brewer!

Omaha Beer Fest Best Brewer!